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INI.NET – is an INTERNET PROVIDER, who works with maximum efficiency, he is concerned about the convenience and comfort of his users, providing them with quality services in a timely manner.

The team of professionals of our company works exclusively for the benefit of our clients and the principles of their work are always built around the axiom "client is always right". That is why INI.NET develops in every possible way an individual approach to its client base, where the wishes of all and everyone are carefully and timely considered.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES this is the section of our website where you can find information on current additional services and their cost. Here you can find a detailed price list and order the service you need.

We are always one step ahead


1 Setting up a network connection 130 uah
2 Call a technician (system administrator) 200 uah
3 Laying UTP cable in the subscriber's room (without materials) 15 uah/m
4 Installation, repair of PC socket in the subscriber's room (without materials cost) 50 uah/pc
5 Installation of RG 45 connector (with material) 50 uah/pc
6 Setting up WI-FI devices (access points, routers) 160 uah/pc

Price list for additional system administrator services

1 Specialist call 200 uah
2 Software and hardware consulting 80 uah/h
3 Remote connection to the user's workstation, problem solving without a specialist visit 80 uah/h
4 УWindows installation 600 uah
5 Configuring the Windows operating system 300 uah
6 Installing software in a Microsoft Windows environment 25 uah/prog
7 Installation and adjustment of the peripheral device (printers, scanners, copiers) 50 uah/prog
8 PC hardware diagnostics 100 uah
9 Unpacking, connection of keyboard, mouse, UPS, audio system, monitor, system unit. Connect in the right place. 50 uah
10 Installation/replacement of additional PC expansion boards 50 uah
11 Installation/replacement of CD, DVD, HDD, FDD devices. 50 uah/pc
12 Processor Installation/Replacement 50 uah/pc
13 Motherboard installation/replacement 50 uah/pc
14 Network design 800 uah
15 Setting up a workplace 100 uah