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A video surveillance system is a complex of special equipment consisting of several video cameras and a monitor. Cameras are needed to record video, and the monitor shows the picture itself. Video intercom is the easiest video surveillance system. Installation of this type of equipment depends on the complexity of the tasks it performs.

The cameras used for this service may be of different types, such as hidden cameras, where the outlet of the hole from the wall does not exceed one millimeter. Outdoor cameras, in turn, can be installed both in the street and in the room itself. Simply put, you can install covert or outdoor surveillance. You can use a security monitor or just a computer monitor or a TV set at all to broadcast images.

All cameras are selected according to the location and can have different viewing angles. The latest technology provides instant data transmission over the Internet channel, without distance correction. So you can monitor the area in real time. Video footage can be stored directly on the data server.

Modern technologies have allowed to create highly developed systems capable not only to observe or record information, but also to transmit it through the use of gadgets via GPRS channel or INTERNET.

In order to create a high-performance observation package, it is necessary to define its objectives as precisely as possible. Only after the tasks have been set are the appropriate equipment selected for them and the best position for installing the cameras calculated.

Security surveillance must perform its functions correctly. Therefore, a detailed technical inspection of the object itself is carried out before its creation and a clear design is made.

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