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Service Transport channels from INI.NET

Internet service provider INI.NET has a large list of available services to create or rent highly efficient channels of information transfer.

Our experts are able to perform a full range of work of any complexity in terms of design, construction and support of communication networks. In this way, they can build a quality turnkey communication network quickly and efficiently.

We use only advanced technologies and the latest methods of implementation of digital transport networks. We provide guarantees of durability, reliability and uninterrupted serviceability of the provided transport channels. Thanks to redundant routes, automatic switching is performed in emergency cases, which will protect you from data loss. Continuous monitoring by our specialists of each node and performance control will help to avoid unforeseen breakdowns.

We provide a wide range of types of services Transport channels:

  • Connect to a corporate or global network;
  • Their union within the boundaries between institutions and agencies;
  • Construction of telephone and productive computing networks;

Renting a digital channel will allow you to immediately send all sorts of information and use any protocols. Leased channels of communication are able to conduct any type of communication. This list includes telephony, organization of applications and databases, providing access to network resources.

Each tariff plan has the possibility to use the test period on a free basis.

Leave a request and our operator will contact you to clarify the details of the service.