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The service Telephony from INI.NET

Telephony is a complex technology consisting of tandem telephony with all its advantages and access to the Internet. Thanks to it, you can use all these services simultaneously.

The advantages of this technology IP-telephony over conventional telephony:

  • Connect a standard landline phone number without restricting access to the Internet;
  • Using the phone, receiving and making calls on the computer;
  • Huge selection of useful additional services.

At the moment of connection, the subscriber gets access to various additional services to optimize the workflow. These include number identification, call forwarding, auto redial and call management.

For individuals who need several separate telephone lines, the "IP Line" service is an ideal complement. When it is necessary to make a telephone call from a landline via the Internet, you can order the corresponding service for this function.

Each tariff plan has the possibility to use the test period on a free basis.

Leave a request and our operator will contact you to clarify the details of the service.