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IT outsourcing from INI.NET

It is simply impossible to conduct modern business without the use of advanced information technologies. The guarantee of success of any company can be called the absence of problems in the functioning of the computer system and the availability of highly efficient communication nodes. If it is possible to ensure such a level of activity of the company, then it can certainly count on rapid success and long years of prosperity. This will give her recognizability and increase interest in her among potential clients and partners.

Modern business is built on a clear distribution of tasks of different directions among professionals of the business. And when it comes to such a complex system as a server, the choice becomes obvious. A permanent specialist is required. Our company is ready to provide an experienced professional for permanent or one-time solution of your business problems.

Internet service provider INI.NET in this key offers the following range of services:

  • Outsourcing. Professional service and creation of a reliable information system;
  • Computer assistance. This includes scheduled and urgent repairs of specialized hardware and equipment as well as replacement and repair of components and parts;
  • Server administration. You can count on comprehensive 24/7 server uptime as well as virtualization and cloud storage access;
  • Telephony. This service will allow you to get high quality communication, from fax work, to building on the basis of IP telephony global call-center;
  • Assembling the local network. This involves the use of computer and telephone networks design, configuration and installation.