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Connecting client servers to the World Wide Web (Colocation)

Colocation is a term derived from the English word co-location. In fact, it is the name of the service, the purpose of which is to place the telecommunications equipment on a specialized site belonging to the provider of the service.

The need for her order happens quite often. This is due to the fact that without significant financial costs, it is impossible to create acceptable conditions for the effective functioning of Internet servers. Simply put, it is not an easy task to create a quality functional platform by the customer himself.

The use of this service is also resorted to when confidential information or data constituting commercial secrets should remain available on the network, but in the same turn should not be physically stored in the office.

In order to provide the most productive conditions for colocation providers to operate, you need to implement a whole list of conditions:

  • High-speed and uninterrupted Internet connection, as well as a duplicated connection in case the main one fails;
  • Developed power supply of the first category, which must have redundancy and automated connection to it;
  • The presence of a special microclimate and a system to provide it. For example, the room temperature should not exceed 18-20 degrees Celsius, and atmospheric humidity should remain within 30-70 percent. In addition, the cleanliness class must be maintained at 4 levels.
  • Close monitoring and security 24 hours a day.

Internet provider INI.NET specializes in providing high-quality colocation service.

Each tariff plan has the possibility to use the test period on a free basis.

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